Memory Man and Macbeth Essay

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Making an Opportunity
Helen Keller once said “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. This is a very accurate statement, taking risks is a part of life as people go from day to day. If a person doesn’t make the best of life everyday, things just drag on and never seem to end. Those that take gambles and excite themselves in new and spontaneous ways are the only ones that can hope to break away from this. Many people tend to avoid risks and believe that risk taking is something they should not do merely because it could end with negative consequences; consequences that are almost always exaggerated a great deal. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the protagonist Macbeth made many decisions to achieve his deepest and darkest desire
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If he had not taken this risk he would not have learned more about the murder of his family and gotten closer to solving the case. Dangerous choices are taken a lot in business too:
“As CEO of Treehouse, Carson implemented a shorter workweek to attract the best employees to his new firm. He also believed the truncated time allotment would ‘help people work more efficiently.’... ‘With the shorter workweek, we snap our fingers and get the very best people—people who choose to work for us over Google and
Facebook,’ Carson says. What’s more, employee turnover after almost four years is nearly zero.” (Entrepreneur)
Though many people thought he was crazy, Carson made a choice and stuck with it, and he made a very successful business because he took that risk. The poem “To Risk” also shows examples of risk leading to reward, : “He may avoid suffering and sorrow,/But he cannot learn, feel, change, grow or live.” (Ward 12-13). Without taking chances, people could not grow or improve themselves. When risks are taken they do result in rewards, in some cases a person can learn and grow because of the choices they make. “I now will take whatever risks I must to to reach whatever potential I find myself left with” (Rie). This comment comes to terms the importance of risk in everyday life, they realize they need to start taking risks in order to gain what rewards are

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