Memories Of The Brain : Memory Errors Essay

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Memories in the brain are at times recycled from episodic to semantic memories. This transfer makes a memory general knowledge to the individual. That creates more room for new memories. The problem with this system is that a new memory is encoded into an old memory. Both memories may have many similarities, but can have different core context. For example, an individual studies months on a specific question that asks the individual to name four characteristics to a mental disorder, after repeated encoding, that memory moves from an episodic memory to a semantic memory. Then on another question that individual recognizes a only the key phrase “four characteristics”, which the content is related to one of a psychotic break, the individual writes down the answer of four characteristics of a mental disorder. The mistake was made in the recognition process due to inference of the previous knowledge. The familiarity of the information led to overlapping encoding. There are other recognition mistakes that present a problem. Another recognition error that contributes to the disruption in the memory are memory errors. Memory errors include an individual’s schemata which add events to a memory that was not there or part of the original memory. The many schemata and individual gains over the course of his or her life allows an individual to make inferences, filling in the blank for any memory that is missing and not included. For example, if in an individual’s schemata,…

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