Memorandum: Morality and Transplant Essay

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The purpose of this memorandum is to inform and describe the process in which I decided on who would be awarded the heart transplant. The time to make the decision is short, but the decision must be made with professional ethical choices. There were three candidates who were a recipient match: Jerry, male, 55 years old; Lisa, female, 12 years old; and Ozzy, male, 38 years old. There were two ethical dilemmas I was faced with when deciding who should be awarded the transplant.
The first dilemma was who would be chosen as the recipient of the heart transplant. My decision was based on the ethical theory of my action and decision resulting in the greatest good coming from them (Hinman, 2007). I had to decide which recipient would receive the
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With the transplant and staying off drugs, he could live another ten years, maybe more.
While there is potential good in all three candidates, my decision was based on the ethical choice of who had the potential for greatest good. Using this ethical viewpoint, I decide that Jerry was the candidate that had the potential for greatest good. Jerry has the greatest possibility of living the longest life, and he is the main source of income, and that is needed for his family to thrive. Even with the transplant, Lisa and Ozzy both possessed other circumstances that have a good chance of shortening their life expectancy. The life expectancy chance was the basis for my decision and how the overall greatest good would come.
The second dilemma I was faced with was the offer made by Lisa’s father. This is a moral dilemma of ethics, and my moral decisions are based on duty (Ruggiero, 2008, p.145). This duty is based on a set of moral laws or rules (Kant’s, 2004). While I know how much Lisa’s father cares for her and wants her to be healthy and live a long life, the offering of money for the transplant is morally wrong. While I do not want accuse Lisa’s father of trying to buy her a heart, I cannot go against my ethical duty and let this be a factor in my decision.
The decision on who was awarded the heart transplant was derived from the ethical choices of following my duty to uphold

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