Memorable Life Event Essay

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A memorable life event for me was when my father decided to bring our whole family with him here to the United States. I was very young at that time and did not want to leave the rest of my family or friends. I thought that I was never going to see them again, however, the rest of my family was happy because we were going together with my dad. This event was memorable for me because I have experienced new things like meeting new family members, going to a new school and lastly making new friends.
I remember the day my mom told my sisters, brother and me that my dad was going to visit us because he had a surprise for us. I was so ecstatic that I have seen him after three months that he was working in California. That afternoon, my father arrived and he told us that he needed us to listen
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Another thing that made me very scared and nervous was that I did not know how to speak English. I remember my cousin telling me that I had nothing to worry about because at school someone was going to help me learn to speak and write in English. I remember my first day of school like it was yesterday. I was shaking when I got on the bus because I was nervous about meeting new people and going to a place I did not know. When we arrived, my cousin took me to the office where they called my teacher so that I could meet her. My teacher 's name was Ms. Smallwood and she was a very nice person. After I meet her we walked to her class, where I met some of my classmates. Ms. Smallwood had a girl named Diana help me. Diana helped me with doing classwork, asking the teacher questions and learning how to say things in English. She was the first friend I made in school and she helped me make new friends while I was at that school. I was really grateful for all the things she helped me with. My cousin Alondra was also a huge help because she helped me make new friends in our

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