Memoirs Of An Addicted Brain Essay example

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Memoirs of an Addicted Brain is an autobiographical novel that follows the stages of Mark Lewis’s life as an addict. Lewis begins the novel from when he was a young boy exploring the effects alcohol had on his behavior, then a young student experimenting with psychoactive drugs in San Francisco, becoming a heroin addict, and finally overcoming his extreme opiate addiction and becoming a respectable neuroscientist. His journey from the age of fifteen to thirty involves taking every drug he could get his hands on in order to feed his intensifying addiction. The main question that comes to mind after reading his book is how he managed to overcome his addiction. There are multiple treatments whose main goal is to help addicts; some which are based on conditioning, both classical and operant. This paper will focus on exploring two methods of treatment for drug addicts and reflect on how Lewis overcame his own addiction. One important clarification that needs to be made before moving on to treatment methods is that drug addiction is a form of learning. Specifically, the reason humans become addicted to a certain drug is because the drug tricks the brain into releasing pleasurable and rewarding chemicals which intrinsically reinforce the person into consuming it again and again. The moment one associates the drug use with these positive feelings, the behavior is learned. Based on the law of effect “behaviors leading to a satisfying state of affairs are strengthened” (Powel &…

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