Memetic Analysis

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Memetic video
In this critically analysis of the article of An anatomy of a YouTube meme by Limor Shifman. This essay is trying to convey in the article message of a wide-spread phenomenon of today YouTube memes. Shifman explain the content and creation of the video, “Defined as units of culture that spread from person to person by means of copying or imitation, memes were identified, discussed (and disputed) long before the digital era (Dawkins, 1976; Hull 1982). Each of the YouTube memes have be get enough likes of a global scale. Shifman thesis in the article was uncovering the attributes common to ‘memetic video’ (Shifman, 188)” . The origin of memes came about my Richard Dawkins book The Selfish Gene (1976). His book cultivated the
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The qualitative data consisted of examining the text. Her team of coders conducted this research over a three-week period. They used test dummy in practices. The results in the modifications that formed the code. The code futured videos format, theme, and source. Shifman states “Out of the 30 memes in the corpus, 17 are clearly user-generated, 10 were coded as originating in traditional media sources, and 3 could not be determined. (Shifman,2011; 194)” Although these numbers do not point out the fact ordinary people were the main attention to the video. Viewer were more focused on the ordinary people over a video that has celebrity as a main focus. Each memetic focus is the subject in the video. These ordinary people make up memetic video to Broadcast themselves. As viewer of watching these memetic videos we treat subject of the video as object to discuss. The fellow YouTubers like to critical the body image of the actors. The table that list the view count of September 2009, of the 30 videos only 24 of the video has a lead male character. The memetic video did consist of “seven non-masculine videos, three feature un-gendered animals and one a dancing banana.” On the list only three videos featured a woman as a main character. The videos that have the lead character is women sets up a whole gender to sexist stereotype, that is scene in Western society. Men in these videos lacked masculine appearance and behavior. For example, the actors in the videos of Star Wars Kid, Numa, Numa Guy are seen to be overweight. A guy with thick glasses singing Chocolate

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