Memento Mri Analysis

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Ansley Adams is the creator of this oil panting called memento Mori” which is located at Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery at USC Upstate. Ansley Adams created this painting circa two-thousand and fifteenth. The medium of the work is oil, and the dimension of the Memento Mori is fifteen and a half by sixteen. The subject of this painting is the skull and the long glass bottle. The term Memento Mori is a Latin word that means remember you must die. It depicts a picture of a skull on a table on top of a stand with an orange glass bottle beside it. The style of this is Painterly abstraction. The skull is color yellow, orange, white, and the color dark blue is in the skull mouth, eye sockets and in the hole of the skull brain. The stand that supports the skull weigh is a greenish grayish color with some hints of orange. The skull shadow is a baby blue color, and next to the skull lies a tall orange glass bottle that is taller than the skull. The shadow of the glass bottle is also blue. The background is orange, blue, and a grayish white. The table is a combination of purple, green, and yellow. A painting of a skull can stand for many things like toughness, caution, and history, …show more content…
On the other hand, the bottle lines are vertical, curve and thin. The hue of the skull is both primary colors and secondary colors. The value of the skull colors are light and dark, and the intensity of the skull is bright. The hue of the bottle is the primary color orange. Also, the value of the bottle is dark and the intensity is dull. The skull shape is organic and static because it is natural and not man made and the skull is not moving. On the other hand, the bottle shape is geometric and static because it was made by people and the bottle is not moving. The space of both the skull and bottle is negative and two dimensional. The implied texture of both the skull and the bottle is smooth and hard. Also, the brushstrokes are lose and

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