Meme Concept Of Dawkins

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Register to read the introduction… The Oxford English Dictionary defines the meme as an element of a Culture (taken here in the sense of civilization) can be regarded as transmitted by nongenetic means, especially through imitation. The term meme was first proposed by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene and comes from an association between gene and mimesis. Dawkins also points to a close kinship with the French word same. Memes were presented by Dawkins as replicators, comparable in this respect to genes, but responsible for the evolution of certain animal behaviors and cultures. Dawkins's definition is a unit of information in a brain, exchangeable within a society. It results from an assumption that cultures evolve as living beings, and variations by natural selection. Like the gene, the meme is the basic unit in this …show more content…
He himself is now a meme. The marketing world has contributed to its popularization by appropriating to interpret the phenomena of word-of-mouth and massive influence it faces since the advent of the web. As one might expect, he is no stranger to the popularization of the term viral marketing. The views of many uses and misuses it is today, we thought it useful to place in context the concept of appearance, namely The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins where it occurs for the first time, order to better understand the meaning. Memes, like genes, a form of replicators: designed by analogy, they are in field of culture that genes are the domain of nature.

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