Members Of The Same Team Essay

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members of the same team” (293). Mangers must share available information and strategy with their employees. This establishes transparency and trust between management and their employees. To further foster teamwork, there are more steps Adrianna and the top management must take. Adapted from DuBrin’s list of actions using a Leader’s own resources (281), Adrianna and the top management must first define the team’s mission. Although the top management was assigned the goal of developing a new innovation, the organization as a whole needs to be made aware of the company mission of creating a new disruptive innovation. Management needs to “emphasize pride in being outstanding”. Luxury Designs has been in a great business for forty years and their best years can still be in front of them, management must keep the company morale high. The employees must be made aware of the urgency and given clear expectations. DuBrin states: “the more urgent and relevant the rationale is, the more likely it is that the team will achieve its potential” (286). Once employees are in cross-function teams and teamwork is fostered, motivation is needed. Motivation is a very important to keep moral high and employees engaged.
The need for motivation is clear, employees need some kind of motivation to complete their tasks. However, motivation can be even more powerful than just getting employees to complete their tasks. Leaders should motivate their employees to the point of engagement. DuBrin states…

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