Melancholy With Love Analysis

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Melancholy with Love

by: Jon Barrett

Melancholy with Love

tell me how you feel is your heart made out of steel back in the ally way where herion is a must for it is all you can trust an insist thats a must.
Couldn’t get over the thoughts and the feeling all around me I can see the sadness yet in love yet the goodness comes at a price of endless dreaming steel rails goes in rough the blood is tough down to the last vial to the last hour don’t want it to be over.
I just want to start over of a new beginning it is a melancoly with love it's a different feeling in the mind to the heart feel so good a we fall apart like no other of feeling above while your on the ground looking through a kaleidoscope everything seems
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All you see is her portrait of when she was happy
I can hear malady of her voice from fond memories of the past.
She asked me if I could fix her broken heart as I replied the void you filled was black tar as I can only fill love if your heart has not stopped.
A silent heart beat leaves a void for none to touch come to my throne where it reaches the sky so you may see the void below of where you use to be let me fill enlightenment to close the hole let me bring truth to guide courage so that you heart may beat a twilight you may see over the sky's edge to witness a bridge built from clay bond so tight the underworld of Hades could not break step forth and hide you fears of lonesomeness grant courage to rid fears of being misplaced so settle of peace and harmony as others would recognize love you have found in yourself.

Lost and found

Could I see what remains that' gets left behind. their just remnants of your name written on a
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Complains I used to hear made me feel as if she cared my thought are left in despair becoming the man she wished me to be but it is I who wishes to become the man I wished left only to write words from the mind into paper to perceive in transcendence of emotion's of life’s to be hope of our love is now afar never to be seen except these lonely dreams.

New Life

In my mind tell a fairy tale that was left behind,
To many words left unsaid, to afraid to just go ahead
To compare would to judge
As I starve for hunger ,
To push ahead an would be a goal
To pour out my soul ,
Would be my breath of sweet serenity.
Clouded by the mist from the open sea
Hard to get to the door of an

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