Mega Vid Case Study Solution

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Mega-vid is a giant multinational video game production company. Like other video game companies, Mega-Vid is facing increasing criticism from people who are concerned that video games encourage violent behavior (College for America at Southern New Hampshire, 2014). So as a father, a former victim and a concerned American, I believe it’s time that we rise up against the video game industry to defend our kids and stop teaching them how to kill, all for the sake of the “mighty dollar.” Said Mark in (Katie Couric, 2013). From that evidence, Mega-vid searches a solution that will solve that problem of criticism about its products because the company will face a big challenge of losing its clientele.
The following are the potential solutions that
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In fact, the directors of Mega-vid will sit and set rules on the way the video games are produced, packed and sold. This, in fact, will reduce the complaints because as Mega-vid have listened and got the source of the problem. They would have found how to apply the feedback that they collected. Furthermore, the company will make new strategies for accessing success as well establishing the expectation that the production department will meet so as to fulfill the criteria that the customers want the products to …show more content…
The company, in fact, faced the challenge that goes to be the same as for the Mega-vid and it has solved the problem by changing the ways they used to advertise (College for America, n.d). To be clear, concerning Mega-vid case, it should consider that advertisement will help to renew the reputation or image of the company. Meaning that Mega-vid will pass through advertisement to market the new video games that it would have changed as well other products or services that the company will offer. The support is that advertisement will help to assure the parents that the products are renewed and good for the environment of their

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