Meeting With My Cousin Grace Essay

1233 Words Jun 15th, 2016 null Page
I went to the Alanon meeting with my cousin Grace, since our uncle is an alocholic, we thought it would be beneficial to attend this meeting together. When we were on our way to the meeting we were both nervous because we have never really discussed our uncles disease with anyone else besides our siblings. We kind of keep quiet about it around our families because it 's something that isn 't really discussed. In class when we were talking about how families cope with alcoholics in the family, there is definitely some unspoken rules in my family. Especially the don 't talk rule. There is always a sense of awkwardness when my uncles around because we all know how he binge drinks and is known for causing bar fights around town, but no one ever says anything to him because we always felt that it wasn 't our place to get involved. When we got to the meeting there were mostly older people in their upper 50-60s. There was only about 15 people there, which was a lot smaller than the AA meeting I attended. A women, Mary, came up to us and discussed how since it was our first meeting we would have to discuss our problems with her prior to joining the meeting with everyone else. We went to the table with her and told her about our uncle and how he has lost control of his drinking and how his wife keeps kicking him out, but he always somehow returns. It felt good to express how we felt to someone who understands because it wasn 't so hush hush like it is with our parents. My uncle…

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