Meeting With Kendra Hunter : A Interview Essay

1023 Words Jul 29th, 2015 5 Pages
Meeting with Kendra Hunter proved to be a very informative interview. IT was a great experience to speak with someone who has a long history in Higher Education but has recently taken the opportunity to move positions. She comes from a unique and established background that clearly informs her leadership styles. Kendra presented as a very confident leader. Hose was very assured of her skills and what she values. She spent a significant amount of time discussing her value for relationships and fostering human potential. This stood out in contrast to her strengths, which she spoke to more easily than her value for relationship building. She stated that her strengths like in analyzing situations and creating plans in order to see those situations through. She also mentioned that her greatest accomplishment was directly related to seeing a challenge within the organization and finding a solution to that challenge. Based on the strengths she mentioned about herself and what she sees as her value it could be assumed that she values certain aspects of the skills approach to leadership, although she didn’t specifically mention this. According to Northhouse (2016) the skills approach takes a leader-centered view on leadership. This is consistent with the information Kendra presented in the interview. She stated that she enjoys creating plans which focuses on what the leader can accomplish, how she can use her skills and knowledge to achieve a goal or objective (Northouse, P. G.…

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