Meeting Parental Expectations And Completing All Of The Requirements

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Meeting parental expectations and completing all of the “requirements” to be a successful son or daughter has always been part of the main goal and developing process for everyone, no matter how old the “child” is. Sandra Cisneros and Amy Tan, authors of two unique essays - "Only Daughter" and "Mother Tongue" - with the similar theme, are sharing their experiences and thought processes regarding that question. They have something in common – both women immigrated to the United States with their families and both decided to major in English to become writers. However, these are the only few similarities that authors have. Everything else is different and almost antithetical – mother that had her own “broken” English for Amy Tan and the non-reader father for Sandra Cisneros; feeling embarrassed and having to “call people on the phone to pretend I was she” versus a wish to be treated fairly and be respected. How did those different scenarios of Sandra Cisneros and Amy Tan ended up having similar finale – English major? Which way of living – trying to prove yourself or being ashamed of her own mother - affected them the most? Why? Let us find out.

Amy Tan moved to United States from China with her mom. She was the person, who taught the girl the first of her multiple “Englishes”, ways of talking in the new language. It was very simple, emotional, but not easily understandable style, it was “broken”, limited English, as the author would describe it. Her…

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