Meeting, Convention, And Event Planner Essay

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Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner What do spring-formal dances, Military balls, high school reunions, charity events, and wedding expos all have in common? They are planned events that have been carefully thought out down to the last detail. When events like these happen, guests rarely ever ponder about who put it all together. Though, there is usually one talented person behind the scenes who has worked for weeks, months, or even years to plan these special events so that they come off without a hitch. Meeting, convention, and event planners truly have a passion for their craft, they want to satisfy every need of their client and leave them feeling satisfied with the service that was provided. A meeting, convention, and event planner is a person who brings together every aspect of an event that they are given to plan. They plan the transportation arrangements, locations that are deemed to be a meeting spot, budget, food/catering, entertainment, and more. (“Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners,” 2015, What They Do section, para.1 and 3) If the client needs it, the planner will do it. Their job is to work hard so that the client doesn’t have to. They want their client to relax and leave everything up to them. The duties of event planners are always changing because of the vast variety of events that are brought to them. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, typical duties of event planners are meeting with their clients to discuss with them what they want…

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