Meet The Robinsons Analysis

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The Quest in Meet The Robinsons : From childhood to Adulthood

In the film Meet the Robinsons, the author uses the perseverance of a hero on a quest to show how we as humans need to experience failure to understand what real success is, because if you always succeed without failures you will never understand what really hard work is. This is also true if we always slide past and get credit for doing something the wrong way we won't be able to know what truly hard work can accomplish for us as individuals. Without hard work, what are we doing besides just trying to skate by?

In the beginning of the movie Meet the Robinsons, Lewis was set on the doorstep of an orphanage by his mother. Lewis was raised with a very crazy and overwhelming life. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get adopted by a family. This led him to be very alone and he did not have a very positive everyday life. Even though he felt these emotions he still tried his hardest to strive for greatness by creating new things to try and impress his potential adoptive families and his school. Louis tried to make a memory reader to see his mother but it was destroyed by his brother who comes from the future using a machine that Lewis eventually creates. The destruction of the memory reader caused Lewis to want to give up; even though, Lewis was still
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Lewis knows there is hope for his future from the quest Wilbur has gone through. When Lewis comes back he knows how important it is to persevere to be successful. During this movie Lewis failed to see that the outcome of hard work could bring great success and he was shown by his son, that the failures he experienced eventually led him to find the correct path. After he went back Lewis was able to fix his machine which enabled him to fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing his mother. The moral of this story is that hard work can bring great

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