Essay on Medisys Corp Intenscare Main Points

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* IntensCare (a $20.5 million new system who later got an additional $20 million from the new President and who determined a new goal: Launch an innovative, world-class MediSys product by August 2009) * Valerie Merz = Marketing manager (new external hire). Sole Assignment = manage IntensCare as a business for the next three years * Jack Fogel = Sr. Production Manager and project lead * Art Beaumont = new President hired to sharpen strategic focus while keeping innovative culture and rapid growth * Aaron Gerson = from R&D group who had the idea for IntensCare. Concerned with oversees development (outsourcing) * Peter Fisheer = from Sales group later promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing * Karen Baio = Regulatory …show more content…
The leader also must set a compelling direction for the team - but in so doing, may encounter intense resistance that puts him or her at great risk. Hackman explores other fallacies about teams - for instance, that teams whose members have been together a long time become stale. In fact, research reveals that new teams make 50% more mistakes than established teams. To avoid complacency, though, every team needs a deviant - someone who is willing to make waves and open up the group to more ideas. Unfortunately, such individuals often get thrown off the team, robbing it of its chance to be magical. Leaders can't make a team do well. However, by being disciplined about how a team is set up and managed, instituting the right support systems, and providing coaching in group processes, they can increase the likelihood that a team will be great.
Key topics include designing teams, managing teams, managing conflict, group dynamics, project management, product development, interdepartmental relations, and organizational change. MediSys, a U.S.-based medical equipment maker, has been developing IntensCare, a new medical system for monitoring intensive-care patients. MediSys has invested heavily in IntensCare, which is eagerly awaited by the market. The product development team, representing several functional areas of the

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