Medieval Times : The Worst Period Essay

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Medieval Europe Essay

I agree the Middle Ages was the worst period in history. This is for many reasons, firstly how bad the jobs available were, secondly the Law and order and thirdly the Black Plague. The worst jobs in history were disgusting and unfair for the peasants and nobles. They were stuck with jobs like an arming squire where they had to clean out the knight’s armour after battle. Medieval law and order was horrible in the Medieval Period, punishments were unfair and because of the feudal system people had more power over others.

I believe the Medieval Period was the worst period in history because of the jobs available. Many of the jobs in the Middle Ages were quite disguising and unfair for the lower class. Some of these jobs included an arming squire, archer and leach collector. An arming squire was someone who helped the knight or someone in combat take off their armour and they would then clean it. This can be very disgusting as the armour used to be covered in all sorts of things. They would also have to clean the armour which could have anything in it. “The knight would be stuck in the armour for over eight hours and would not have time for a toilet break so the armour would be dirty and sweaty”. The worst part of the job was taking the knight out of the armour which was quite complicated. Most of the time it would have human waste on and inside it. They were also required to fix it, the overall job would have been horrible and time consuming. Clearly…

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