Essay on Medicine Is A Strong Fit For Me

1026 Words Aug 17th, 2015 null Page
My desire to pursue a career in medicine initially bloomed out of an interest in Biology. I was fascinated with learning about the body’s mysteries and how it functions, so I entered college as a pre-medical student. During this time, I was able to experience volunteering in the medical field and my passion for medicine increased. My experiences have shown me that medicine is a strong fit for me.

One of my most memorable experiences was working as a medical intern at Dr. Liu’s primary care office. Dr. Liu’s close relationship with his patients is one aspect of his office that I noticed while working at my internship. Dr. Liu was pressed for time since he had to get through quite a few patients each day. Patients did not have a long appointment time. However, despite these time constraints, the Dr. still knew his patients well and would ask how their jobs were going and how their families were doing. I realized that as a doctor, one had to be observant and be able to juggle multiple tasks at once. Even though time constraints prevented Dr. Liu from being able to sit as long as he wanted with his patients, he still made the effort to give each patient the time they deserved. Working at Dr. Liu’s taught me how important it was for doctors to develop a good relationship with their patients. I learned that listening intently, giving patients the time they deserved and communicating attentively all contributed to building trust and mutual understanding between patients and their…

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