Essay Medicare Doesn 't Care For Obesity

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Medicare Doesn 't Care for Obesity Medicare has a thin line when it comes to covering obesity, but it seems to become harder to receive coverage. According to an overview entitled “Obesity”, it “Is a condition where the body of a mammal has stored so much energy that the fatty tissues are stored and expanding to create a significant health risk, with an increased rate of mortality to the body” (Gale Encyclopedia of Science 2014). After years of living with obesity, it can eventually be fatal, or develop more health hazards such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and osteoarthritis. Mildly obese begins after becoming 20% above ideal weight. With the use of Medicare and government fundings, we can prevent food deserts, support programs needed for the people, and include coverage on psychological health and behavioral reactions caused by obesity.
Consuming copious amounts of unhealthy foods is believed to be the main cause of obesity. This statement is true because of the existence of food deserts. In the article “Food Deserts: What is the problem? What is the solution?” by The Science Letter, it is determined that food deserts are when “Poor people eat poor diets in part because fresh, healthy food is not accessible in areas where they tend to live” (Science Letter 2016). These poor diets come from abuse of fast food locations that are closer to home, in comparison to supermarkets that are distant and require preparation time for cooking at home. It is often seen as an…

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