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Disease in News
There have been many articles related to diseases in the news as the years have passed; as the healthcare industry changes public knowledge and education become more prevalent. The better educated the more healthcare professionals can aid the public in taking responsibility on how to treat the disease. "Once a disease has entered the body, all parts which are healthy must fight it: not one alone, but all. Because a disease might mean their common death, nature knows this; and nature attacks the disease with whatever help she can muster." ("Quotes About Disease", n.d. Paracelsus, Philipus )
Totally Drug-Resistant TB Emerges in India
In recent news, physicians have encountered a totally drug-resistant strain of TB that
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Health management of TB can play a factor on how to treat the disease more effectively. As a result, pressure for improvement has made the World Health Organization (WHO) find other means to help combat the episodes popping up in varies poverty stricken countries. Only in recent years has progress to change how this disease was treated have been developed. It wasn’t until 2011 that the WHO finally implemented an approved method to testing possible infected patients from the out dated methods form a century before. With the development, repurposed TB drugs are being produced which show promise of potentially shorting treatment time or improve resistance to new strains.

"It is the over-crowded dwellings of the poor that we have to regard as the real breeding places of consumption ; it is out of them that the disease always crops up ; and it is to the abolition of these conditions that we must first and foremost direct our attention if we wish to attach the evil at its root and wage war against it with effective weapons" Prof. Dr. Koch ("Tuberculosis (tb) Quotes", n.d.).
As the population grows and the advancements of technology increases, the risk of diseases will always be prevalent in society. To combat these threats, the use of proper health management and education will be are only chance at survival. It is up to us to make the change and

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