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An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who cares for a patient before, during and immediately following a surgical or medical procedure by administering the appropriate anesthesia and monitoring the patient for reactions and complications, and to ensure comfort and manage pain. Some of the primary responsibilities of an anesthesiologist include examining the patient to determine the type of anesthetic needed, communicating all relevant information to the appropriate medical practitioners, and administering local, intravenous, or spinal anesthetic to the patient. Anesthesiologists meet with the patient prior to the surgical procedure to evaluate their condition and to review their medical
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The environment anesthesiologists work in is not only the traditional hospital setting, but they are also able to work in dental offices, outpatient surgical centers, labor and delivery units(administering epidurals), and also pain management clinics. Other opportunities may be available in private and group practices, urgent care centers, academic medical centers, and the military. Their working conditions and hours will vary; they are often on call all hours of the day. Some of the anesthesiologists’ patient cases can last several hours, where they will have to continue to monitor and provide support for the patient. As with most other physicians, anesthesiologists work long and hectic hours, with nearly one third working 60 hours a week or more.

The education required to be an anesthesiologist adds up to at least 12 years after high school. Students interested in a career as an anesthesiologist should concentrate on high school courses in algebra, biology, chemistry, geometry, physics, trigonometry, anatomy and physiology, humanities, health occupations/medical professions education, psychology, and computer skills. You must graduate from high school, and then attend a four year undergraduate program; these programs are four years in length and are very rigorous. Students must then pass the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and get accepted into a school of medicine, and then attend four years of medical school. You

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