Medical Theory And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Despite the advancements medicine has made since the time of Hippocrates, it is evident that there are themes that never take a permanent leave from medical theory and how illness is perceived and treated. The themes include, but are not limited to: the use of heroic remedies, the use of religion to explain the cause of disease, and marginalized people denied aid. There is no argument that science has improved the lives of nearly everyone in some way shape or form. Regardless of the clear evidence that it is needed in medicine, there are still times when it is neglected in treating disease. New drugs are continually being produced for a plethora of ailments; however, the public is not always as safe from them as it would like to believe. There is bias and power in favor of big, for-profit organizations, allowing for unsafe drugs to be distributed to patients. An example of this is the drug thalidomide, which was marketed as a non-toxic anticonvulsant, “even though there was no evidence that it had any anticonvulsive properties” (Waller, “He Who Pays the Piper”). In addition to this, there was no testing to see how it could affect a fetus. This lead to many unfortunate mothers giving birth to children with abnormal limbs; less than half of these children survived to adulthood (Waller, “He Who Pays the Piper”). From this information, we see that the drug was not only useless, but also did more harm than good in the long run.
It seems to me that these drugs are homologous to…

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