Medical Technology 's Improvement And Consummation Essay

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As medical technology’s improvement and consummation, people always want to find a best way to treat each of diseases, and some researchers are confident about that. Anyhow, we do admit that sometimes they really did what they wanted. Such as, many diseases can be controlled, or even cured now. Nonetheless, not all of illnesses, most of time we should say that researchers who are trying to find a best way to help people with diseases rather than to treat diseases. The most influential example is Ebola, which is the most dangerous sickness people are facing, and there is no an approved way or drug can affect it. However, researchers are trying to find out treatment methods to help people by doing trials of experimental Ebola vaccines.
In the article “Researchers to Test New Treatments in Countries Hit Hardest by Ebola
” Andrew Pollack (2014) illustrates that the first clinical tests for treatments of Ebola are in West African countries. However, they may not be safe and effective clinical tests for infected patients, and people have different voices about these tests. Pollack (2014) points out two arguments of the clinical tests, one of which is the debate of whether using placebos or not using them for infected people and the other one is the debate of can African patients accept these tests if they can get placebos. Firstly, Pollack (2014) mentions that there are three European clinical trials that would not use placebos to patients, and the researchers agreed with this is…

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