Genetically Modified Generation

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Genetically Modified Generation

There’s one thing in your life that has been with you since birth. It is challenging, harming, helpful, and a necessity. Although it can kill you, you can 't live without it. This is medical knowledge. Because the speed of science is progressively slow, each milestone in medical advances is substantial. Over the past decade, medicine has made great leaps and bounds. From bionic limbs, to stem cell research, medicine has definitely changed the lives of society for the better. Through research studies and newly discovered illnesses, we have greatly improved the life of mankind and the aspirations of our future generations. New discoveries are growing exponentially, as found knowledge opens new doors. These medical
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In April of 2003, a complete draft of all genes that make up the human DNA was found. This helped further research for genes containing disease, leading to cures. Looking into the future, this will lead to a Human Microbiome project, to help better understand bacteria on organisms. Another substantial leap in the medical field includes Stem Cell Research. Stem cells can be programmed to be any type of cell in the body. This helps cure disease and repair tissue, such as skin cells, that can repair burn victims. In 2006, the first human papillomavirus, a HPV vaccine, was approved by the FDA, to help prevent HPV. The vaccine was prescripted to 3 injections, in 6 months.
Although, some may overlook it, the smoke free laws, were put in place to ban smoking inside public areas. In 2003, 75 cities in the U.S. prohibited smoking in workplaces/public. Now, 28 states ban indoor smoking, to better improve air quality and prevent against related health problems, including lung and heart disease. This changed the acceptability of smoking in the U.S.
Lastly, bionic limbs have been discovered to improve bodily movement for those that don 't have limbs for a particular reason. In 2013, the bionic hand was first drafted. These limbs can be positioned and controlled by devices that are compatible to Bluetooth

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