Medical Technology And Robotic Surgery Essay

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Medical Robotics
Robots are found everywhere, they’re simply moving computers. This has changed every electronic device into something the world couldn’t imagine a century ago. Technological advancements in medicine have skyrocketed over the past 30 years, changing the surgical field forever. Robotic arms, machines and new cameras have come about from the past 3 decades, and are still coming about. Arguments have been made that these technologies will not stay around, and are only experimental for now. Although medical technology and robotic surgery is ever changing and people are still unsure of the outcomes, should continue to be developed and funded in the future to better people’s health.
In 1985, the very first robotic surgery occurred, breaking open a brand new side of the surgical scene. Minimally invasive surgeries have been in the works since robotic technology has been around. Surgeons are learning more in their own techniques and with this technology, will be surpassed by robots in the future, concerning techniques and limitations. Robots were envisioned to do more than humans, and in surgeries, will pass us up by a landslide. This will be beneficial to us, while it may cost a lot or take a toll on hospitals functionalities while implementing these machines, it will change many different aspects of surgery and patient’s lives. In the past, people have been worried that surgeons are overworked and undertrained, and replacing them with robots would save their…

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