Medical Technology And Ethical Issues Essay

780 Words Nov 12th, 2015 4 Pages
Death of a family member can be painful and heartbreaking. When a person is put in a situation to pull the plug or keep the person alive, the decision can be troublesome. A decision such as life or death towards a loved one shouldn’t be made by one person only. That’s why doctors play a major role in this situation, doctors can help us determine what we should do. However, Doctors don’t always make rational decisions in a stressful situation, they need extra help as well. The RIP system can be helpful for doctors while making the tough call. In the selection, “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” by William E. Thompson and Joseph V. Hickey, the authors discuss the sociological and ethical issues related to medical technology. Although, the article lacks certain information, the author’s debate for computerized programs is efficient enough to make a decision on whether the RIP system should be used. In the selection, “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues”, the authors discuss a new computer program called RIP. The RIP system is a worldwide computer program used to help doctors make knowledgeable decisions. The RIP is able to give a percentage of survival and the treatment needed for the patient. The critics are quite terrify by the new computer program. As stated in the article, the critics disagree with the RIP system because it creates an overreliance on computer technology to make decisions. Medical Ethicist, Arthur Caplan, disagree with the RIP system stating the…

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