Personal Statement: A Career As A Medical Student

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While studying hard and doing all of the assignments may be sufficient to succeed at undergraduate college, successfully completing medicine requires a great deal. “Applicants and students will be judged not only on their scholastic achievement and abilities, but also on their intellectual, physical, emotional and behavioral capacities to meet the essential requirements of the school’s curriculum.” Today’s medical students are tomorrow’s physicians who will have the lives of many people one their hands, so when talking about the success of medical students, it is really about the successful improvements of the society’s health. As a result a candidate applying to University of Maryland School of Medicine must be embodied by diversified scientific …show more content…
According to the pre-health work shop at University of Maryland College Park, many medical schools requires generally about 10 consecutive months of social activity and volunteering in a clinical area. There are two main reasons for this requirement. One, by working closely to physicians and nurses, premedical students will learn the situations that different healthcare workers encounter and will have some idea of what they want to be. The other one and the most important one is that if students are able to complete volunteering while attending full time school and part time job, they really are passionate about healthcare and can handle stressful situations. The four year medical school training and the two to five year of residency will be bearable if the students love what they are …show more content…
In academia and business, professionalism exhibited in variety of ways such as high organization, quality dressing, and promptness. As tomorrow’s physicians, medical students must to be highly organized. Actually, one way to effectively and efficiently finish work is to do things in some kind of order. Dressing is another way to display professionalism because dressing speaks itself. On their rotation, medical students must have the trust of the patients to practice medicine under the supervision of the physician. If the student is poorly dressed, the patient may think that the student cannot even take care of himself or herself, so how can he take care of the patient. Finally, being prompt is a quality that professionals value. It could be when submitting an assignment or getting there by appointment, if a student is not prompt, it could have immediate and drastic consequences.
A student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine needs to develop sensitive and effective relationship with other students, staffs, and patients regardless of their race, ethnicity, and gender. The goal of every healthcare facility is to provide high quality care for any patient without any prejudice, so to achieve this goal medical school candidates should have good ethics. Indeed, the road of a medical student

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