Medical Room And The Emergency Room Essay

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A nursing problem that is concerning to this author is that psychiatric patients that are boarding in the emergency room do not have a therapeutic environment to starting the healing and recovery process. This phenomenon of concern is important to the writer because the writer works in an emergency room and sees this every day. Most nurses went into nursing to help people this writer does not feel like she is helping these psychiatric patients when they are boarding in the emergency room. Boarding is considered, “the holding of a patient in an ED bed while awaiting an inpatient mental health bed” (Nicks & Manthey, 2012, p. 1). This write believes that the environment that the patients is in needs to be changed if these patients are going to have to remain in the emergency room for multiple hours and sometimes even days. According to an evidence based practice article, it states that the psychiatric patient in the emergency room should have “a small separate quieter sitting area for the mental health patient connected to the ED” (IAHSS Foundation, 2015, p. 9). Having an area for the psychiatric patients to get out of his or her room and gather with other patients would be beneficial for the patient.
The concept that is related to the phenomenon of concern is the environment. The environment that the patient is in is important to the patients healing process. Having a quiet and therapeutic environment will decrease the patient’s anxiety and agitation and promote the…

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