Medical Records : An Essential Role At Any Hospital Essay

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II. Medical records
Medical records play an essential role at any hospital, because it is considered as a depository of patient 's health observations, analysis, and physical examinations. Since the 1920s, paper medical records have gradually grown all over the world. They are easy to use for senior doctors, nurse, physicians, and anyone with medical expertise, and all of them can use it without any additional skills. It revolutionized the field of medical services, which benefited both patients and medical service providers.
The daily use of paper-based medical records sometimes become out of control, because these records have some problems according to their nature. First, the paper-based records need to record by hand and store in physical database that can lead to many issues with storage space, organize, search, analyze, and retrieve. Especially in large hospitals that have thousands of patients’ records, they face a serious complexity to organize and analyze the paper-base records. For example, add specific prescription to the specific patient’s record, analyze data for any research, summarize data for scientific report, or even use one patient’s record among different physicians offices and hospitals.
Another major problem is that they are extremely difficult to recover or make a backup copy in case of disaster, flooding, or fire, which makes these records susceptible to destruction. Backup of the paper records must be done by hand or by automatic copier that can…

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