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Substance Abuse - Related and addictive disorders are when an individual intoxicates their own body and abuse the use of one or more substances. The intoxication poisons an individual 's body thus causing many effects, ranging from mental to physical problems. The reason this is considered a physiological disorder is the addiction: the act of becoming enslaved to a constant action or substance making you unable to stop. Most of the time becoming abusive to misuse and being harmful. There are two categories in which addiction falls into. Physical addiction and substance addiction. While some physical addictions are, for example : Gambling addiction, sexual addiction, internet addiction, exercise addiction, etc. The substances that fall under this category are, for example : Alcohol, caffeine, cannabis (weed), hallucinogen (LSD, Peyote, Psilocybin,
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Laymen and physicians developed theories about addiction and brought it to the attention of the general public. The first record of an addictive disorder, is alcohol followed by Opium. These drugs were purposely meant to ease the pain of patients, but ended up giving long term effects followed by addiction to the substance. that was one of the biggest problems with this subject if it was ok to give people this type of medicine.
Substance use disorder
Substance use disorder is the overuse of a drug, which leads to negative effects, like that of causing harm to one’s physical and mental health. Substance use can lead to impairment or even distress. Substance use disorders are sometimes associated with mental health problems. Substance use problems happen more frequently with certain mental health problems. Some of those health problems include Depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and personality disorders. More than one in four adults dealing with mental health problems have a substance use problem as well.

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