Essay on Medical Medicine : Most People Of America Have Pets

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Veterinary Medicine
Most people in America have pets. Pets need to be taken care of. Because of this need, there is veterinary medicine and veterinarians. Veterinary medicine has evolved over time to require specific education, and it involves many types of specialties which result in different pay scales and opportunities.
In 9000 BC is everything began for veterinary medicine for Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Iraq. Later on, the Egyptians took their medical skills to make more achievements in the future (“A Quick History…” Online). The first veterinary school was found in Lyon, France in 1761 by Claude Bourgelat, and that’s when the profession of the veterinarian started. This school focused specifically on preventing death in sheep, horses and cattle (“A Quick History…” Online). They put an effort into preventing mass cattle sickness and death by developing a vaccine. During the next few years, many new veterinary schools were opened in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and London. These colleges were created to take veterinary science to a higher level dedicated to animals (“A Quick History…” Online).
The first veterinary school was opened in the United States in Philadelphia in 1852, which reopened in 1866. In 1933 the first female that became a veterinarian was Catherine Roberts, and she graduated from Washington State College (“A Quick History…” Online).One of the oldest veterinary schools is University Of Pennsylvania. She was one of…

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