Essay about Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana Part 2

Most people ask, "Why should medical marijuana be legal?" Medical marijuana is a drug that people used to help them with muscle spasms from sclerosis, nausea from cancer chemotherapy. Also, Medical Marijuana helps people with weight loss caused by an illness such as HIV, seizure, Crohn's disease, and some people like the feeling. For the majority of people that like the way medical marijuana make them feel uses it illegally mainly gets it from the streets. People who use medical marijuana for medical problems gets' it from the dispensary when a person have to have a Medical Marijuana health card to get it legally without the law being involved. Most people say, "Marijuana isn't a drug because it's a plant;
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Some people get relief from symptoms of their illnesses by smoking marijuana." Although there are other forms how Medical Marijuana can be taken such as vaporized into ingredients, eaten, and taken as a liquid. Medical Marijuana or not it is most likely beneficial to people.

Furthermore, States will also make money as well. Because, the residence that need the medical marijuana will have to pay for it. Now residents currently paying for prescriptions and medicine; therefore, the residence will still have to pay for medical marijuana. They also will be able to charge Medical Marijuana at a high price to get more money. They will have the ability to take it out of text money as well.

The crime of marijuana should be unacceptable. It is more people going to jail for marijuana than the criminals that are stealing and robbing people. The government focuses so much on marijuana that they don't care much about criminals breaking into someone house. The drug dealers that do sell marijuana on the streets is trying to make money to feed their kids, move into a better neighborhood, or try to get interview clothes so they can get a real job. Medical Marijuana or Marijuana shouldn't be illegal if it helps our residents with medical problems and with financial problems that prescription /other forms of medicine.

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