Essay on Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana in California
The marijuana pant is one of the oldest plants known to mankind. It has become one of the most widely used plants. The plant has many uses other than medicinal use. It was used to make cloth and paper for centuries and was the most important source of rope until the development of synthetic fibers (Grinspoon and Bakalar). There are two different species of cannabis called sativa and indica. The feeling of each has a slight difference. Sativa has a more relaxing effect on the body than indica, but both are equally useful in medicating ill people. Marijuana is easily defined: it is one of the most benign substances know to humans (Rosenthal and Kubby).
California is one of the first states in
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Many people still want to overlook the fact that it has saved many lives and will continue to save many lives if more people research and learn more about it.
There are many uses for marijuana. It is helping reduce pain of many diseases and disorders such as: glaucoma, which helps ease pressure of the eye, Alzheimer’s disease, which marijuana helps reduce inflammation of brain tissue, hypertension, which marijuana shows to help lower blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, marijuana helps reduce pain, and sleep apnea, which marijuana helps stabilize respiration during sleep. The tops 3 related uses for marijuana are chronic pain, AIDS related, and mood disorders. Mood disorders seem to be the most common. Marijuana can treat something as simple as anxiety without having to need prescription pills. This is only a few of the things marijuana is treating in society, buy many people are not able to take advantage of its great uses because of the conflict between the federal and state law. Marijuana is also a good alternative to pill prescriptions because many contain chemicals and have numerous side effects that can cause more pain and discomfort. Marijuana can also simply reduce side effects from a medication that is prescribed to a patient. “Legalization advocates claim that marijuana significantly lessens pain and alleviates nausea resulting form serious diseases” ( 4).
The federal law regulates

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