Medical Marijuana Informative Speech

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After presenting my informative speech, I have concluded several implications regarding my speech. My assignment was to present an informative speech and inform my audience. Furthermore, I chose to inform my audience on medical marijuana. Additionally, my purpose was to inform the audience on what exactly medical marijuana is, the differing laws in each state, and the overall effects medical marijuana imposes on users over time. To begin, I was extremely comfortable presenting this speech. In fact, out of all of my presentations, i felt most confident presenting this speech. I experienced this comfortability due to my interest in the topic, experience, background knowledge, and my ability to inform. First, the topic is extremely interesting …show more content…
Lastly, the speech gave myself an opportunity to inform my audience, and I feel much more confident informing people, rather than attempting to persuade. Next, I will touch up on my conclusions regarding my preparation. I thought that my preparation was phenomenal, overall. To begin, I felt that I spent a great deal of time researching my content. I spent by far, most of my time researching medical marijuana and expanding my knowledge on the subject. Also, I organized my paper relatively well, as I invested much effort into my outline organization. However, I didn’t spend as much time organizing as I did researching. I only edited my paper once, which provided myself with two drafts. I was confident with my first two drafts; therefore, I didn’t invest more time editing my paper. I practiced an adequate amount, but could still practice more, Furthermore, I had my content ready 8 days prior to my presentation, allowing myself enough time to practice. I practiced 4 times at home. I pretended as if it were my live presentation, and utilized only notecard and visual aid. Overall, I thought I endured much growth after giving my

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