Essay on Medical Marijuana in Pediatric Patients

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Many physicians across North America hesitate to prescribe medical marijuana to their adult patients out of fear, why would they even start considering prescribing it to children . This fear mainly originates from the fact that as medical students in medical school, doctors learn absolutely nothing about prescribing it, therefor, cannot knowledgeably advise patients on dosage and side effects of this medication. This is quite sad considering how much benefits can come from medical marijuana, especially in paediatric care, as it useful, safe and in some cases lifesaving. The stereotype associated with "weed" forces doctors to second guess the benefits that may come from it. The fact that it is considered a Schedule 1 drug in United States …show more content…
But same can be said for countless other drugs as Bernard Rimland, PhD. of Autism Research Institute has pointed out in his findings, " Clearly, medical marijuana is not a drug to be administered lightly. But compare its side effects to the known effects of Risperdal ( a medication often prescribed to children suffering from autistic disorders), which include massive weight gain, a dramatically increased risk of diabetes, and an elevated risk of deadly heart problems, as well as a host of minor and major problems. Other psychotropic (alter chemical levels in brain) drugs are no safer, causing symptoms ranging from debilitating tardive dyskinesia to life-threatening malignant hyperthermia or sudden cardiac arrest. Of all drugs, psychotropic drugs are among the least useful and dangerous, and the benefit vs. risk profile of medical marijuana seems fairly benign in comparison." He continues, " The reports we are seeing from parents indicate that medical marijuana often works when no other treatment, drug or non-drug, have helped," (Sircus, 3).

The main difference between the so called "street weed" and "medicinal marijuana" is that one is high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the other is extremely high in CBDs. THC is what makes an individual giggle and feel euphoric, the state as one would describe being "high", one would experience that with

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