Medical Malpractice Essay

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Medical malpractice has been a big issue since the early 1900’s. An issue has been that patients are not getting paid for malpractice. The patients are able to sue the health care worker for malpractice, but may not get the money they hoped for. Medical malpractice is a negligence against the statute. A statute is classified as a law. Most people have medical insurance but medical insurance does not cover all the treatment. That person is now forced to pay all the extra money left over. They are able to try to sue the health care worker. That does not necessarily mean that they will get money out of the situation. If more than one person had similar cases they would have to split the money up between them. Medical malpractice is mainly about …show more content…
It can affect anyone. It mainly happens because a surgeon or surgical technician leaves something in a person's body during surgery. That substance can damage the person's body or even cause death, but the patient does not get paid for what the health care worker did wrong. The patient is able to sue the health care worker for what they did. A big issue has always been if the patient should or should not be paid. Patients could die depending on what is left in the body, but they do not get paid. If they were in the hospital because something majored happened they do not expect to come out and weeks later having to go back in surgery or have everyone question why they died. There is the malpractice law that is able to help them recover compensation. Roughly 1 out of every 3 people hospitalized in the hospital will experience medical malpractice. All those people experience pain and suffering or they die. Health care workers who leave something in the body could go to jail for what he or she has done. The health care worker does have insurance to help cover themselves for what they did. Defensive medicine is another thing that can affect them because it is known as the practice of recommending a treatment for a person that is not needed. The hospitals have been trying to fix defensive medicine because it does affect so many people in a way that is not

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