Essay on Medical Knowledge As A Narrative

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Upon hearing the definition of medical knowledge being a narrative, my immediate reaction was one of distress. I was furious and confused as to how what my doctors do could be compared to something that offers so many loopholes to subjective interventions. I was quick to dismiss such a claim and any other claim which came close to discrediting the work of heroes, doctors. To somehow state that what physicians are doing is less than objective medicine is blasphemous. However, slowly reading Montgomery (How Doctors Thnk: Clinical Judgement and the Practice of Medicine), I warmed up to the idea that medicine being considered not a science doesn’t reduce its effectiveness or importance. This then lead, even though skeptical at first, to an agreement that describing medical knowledge as a narrative is somewhat adequate in understanding the work of physicians. However, how does one respond to the question of objectivity? It is worth defining a few terms that are being thrown around before proceeding to defend the claim that medical knowledge being considered a narrative does not take away from a concept of objective standards in medicine.
Firstly, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a narrative as the representation in art of an event or story. It tells a reader or a listener about something particular. A narrative only becomes important to a person who seeks a narration, that is, the desire to know a particular narrative. Secondly, objectivity is defined as based on facts…

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