Medical Issues Today Essay example

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There are many legal and medical issues today that relate to patient safety in this paper I will be addressing Medical errors, how they can be improved by today’s technological advances, and problems that occur in making these improvements. A study done by Kaiser indicates that medication errors have doubled in the last 10 years and that serious injuries have gone from 35,000 in 1998 to 90,000 in 2005. Those errors occur by a breakdown in one of the many steps that go into the giving of those medications to patients. Areas of breakdown occur in proscribing, transcribing, dispensing and the administrations of those medications. Another issue that affects patient safety is the huge differences that can occur when patients with the …show more content…
Computerized provider order entry has gone a long way toward cutting down errors. This is a system where physicians enter their orders for lab tests and medications directly into a computer. This helps to insure standardized, legible, and complete orders. There are even some programs that will recommend course’s of treatments like suggesting lab work for patients that are receiving certain medications.

Standardized medical charts that can be shared between medical providers can also be accomplished. This helps by keeping a record of person’s medical conditions, past treatments, past surgeries, medication and food allergy’s. It can also alert the provider to any religious practices that may affect treatment. This helps prevent errors by not making the patient remember everything that has happened in his life and repeating it every time he seeks medical attention. People often forget things or just get tired of repeating them and that can lead to an increase in medical errors and further problems in providing good patient care. This also might go a long way to increase patient satisfaction and decrease frustration with health care providers. This frustration patient’s often feel can keep them from seeking medical treatment when they should. The use of hand held devices for nurses has helped to provide information and increased safety at the bedside by

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