Unit 1 Unit1 Case Study

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In Unit 1 we are introduced to Sue and her colleagues who are currently enrolled at the University of North Florida. Various diseases are spreading around the campus. The purpose of Unit 1 in Medical Interventions is to diagnose the students and figure out what type of infection agents are spreading around the college campus.

Patient Symptom’s and Risk Factors Chart
Patient Name Symptoms Risk Factors
Sue -Constant headache
-Extreme lethargy
- Temperature of 100.6 F - Drinks coffee and energy drinks a lot
-Pulls all-nighters- gets little sleep
-Traveled to another university
Jill -Feels extremely run down
-Whole body feels tight
-Temperature of 99.7 F -Play entire soccer game for the last two afternoons
-Occasional smoking
Anthony -Persisting
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Sue was likely the first person infected with the bacterial meningitis because she has the highest bacteria concentration (12.5 µl/mL). It is most probable that she caught the disease while visiting another university. Jill (1.56 µl/mL) caught it from Sue because they live in such close proximity of one another and spend a lot of time at soccer together. Maria (.78 µl/mL) may have contracted the disease from Sue or Jill because the three of them live in the same dorm hall and Jill shares food with Maria. Marco likely got meningitis from Sue because they share food in science class, which they have two times a week for four hours and spends the least amount of time with any of the infected girls, proven by his low concentration for meningitis (.39 …show more content…
I believe Wanda got herpes from Alvin based on his refusal to have DNA testing and because they seem to have a close relationship. The common cold is typical during and after flu season and because it is at a college campus, close and constant contact with strangers is always happening. This allows the disease to pass form person to person at a very fast rate. Maggie likely got sick simply from being around so many other sick people. I found through this unit the benefits of having modern medical equipment and accessible knowledge. Throughout this unit I was able to use bioinformatics like an actual doctor would to help in the identification of a disease. I learned how diseases can often be misleading since most share very common symptoms. I also learned that early diagnosis is key with any ailment but, especially meningitis since it has endotoxins and often results in sight and hearing problems if not treated early

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