Medical Field Of Medicine : Pediatric Doctor Who Works At St. Dr. Besma Mkhail

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Literature Review
The research is focusing on one of the intense medical field of medicine, which is cardiology. It has been selected to demonstrate a clear image of how does this discourse community communicate with patients to create a healthy lifestyle for people who have health diseases. On the one hand, as it a technologically sophisticated, professionalized, institutionalized, and highly invasive medical discipline. Doctors go through an intense medical program in college and extensive training to be able to treat the patients with the proper care. Medicine is considered an exciting profession and it provides plenty of rewards and challenges opportunities. The main points of the research is to provide information about the common heart diseases, and what are the elements that help causing them. Also, its second focus points is to offer presentation ways to prevent heart diseases and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
1- Mikhail, B. Personal communication, September 16, 2016
Dr. Besma Mkhail is a pediatric doctor who works at St. John Hospital, and has her own clinic called "Town Pediatric Clinic." During the interview, Dr. Mikhail provides a summary that describes the education and work that is needed to be a successful doctor in the community. She discusses her reasons for why she wants to be a doctor. Also, she mentions that she feels happy for being a doctor, especially for being a pediatrician doctor. Dr. Mikhail mentions the obstacles that she faced during her…

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