Medical Education And Public Health Education Essay examples

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There is another factor to be an expertise for reporting beside knowledge is an art for being a reporter for medical art and a reporter for health is not an art for real. However, this assignment is not about the news report, but about medical education and public health education that requires having a thorough knowledge about health and high level of dedication to science. This paper discusses Flexner reports for medical education and the Welch-Rose reports for public health education for divergent (difference), for intersecting (overlapping) and for parallel (similar).
Flexner Reports (Medical Education)
Flexner Reports for Medical Education (1910) is very interesting to know that Flexner does not claim to be an expert on the subject for medical education. His report is solely base on the nature of observation of the events taken place in the creation of the Council on Medical Education (CME) for medical training to be by observation and experience for the development to privatize medical training for multilevel and multidimensional of science and business to treat disease with the prescribing drug. The practicing of medicine for analyzing, classifying, and interpreting medical condition for prognosis is the “principle of explanation” for providing treatment to cure a disease. The first level of medical education is for experimentation under the vague label for pharmaceutical as a course of study in the first and second years for premedical education or…

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