Medical Coding And Billing History Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Regulations will provide a standard cost for procedures to be billed in order to meet requirements of the government. Another requirement may be for facilities to utilize an electronic medical record to help keep patient information and billing accurate. Technological requirements on hospitals and physicians have already been seen in the medical community. The use of electronic medical records to track the record of treatment has increased accuracy in the procedures billed by providers. The use of both ICD and current procedure terms are invaluable in determining the proper procedures and dollar amounts that are billed. Claims are handled in three different ways. They can be paid, denied, or adjusted based on improper or lack of documentation provided by the provider. Electronic prescriptions are a second requirement that providers must now adhere. These prescriptions help to secure a patients information for privacy purposes, but also help to prevent theft of drugs by people using fake prescriptions. Medical practice management software or health information management systems, allow a provider to better manage their claims and achieve higher reimbursement success rates. (O'Malley, …show more content…
For one, the advancement of more electronic software management utilized by providers and insurance companies are sure to come. Government regulations will require better treatment records kept and the increased security of patient information contained within the records. The requirement by the government for all individuals to have health insurance will also play a major role in the billing and coding industry. Because there will be a government-sponsored health insurance available, the rates and regulations controlling the amounts billed will be further regulated and monitored for compliance. The revisions of the ICD-9 and CPT codes by the government will be completed by 2013. (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2011) These new codes will account for the new diseases that have been discovered since 1977. Certification for medical billers and coders may also be a part of the future of the billing and coding industry. The certification is needed due to the complexity of health information management software and billing regulations. There are now programs that can track a patient from the time that they enter the emergency room, through a complete hospital stay and report every treatment that was performed during the visit. These types of systems will be the new standard in the health care industry and will help account for personnel, supplies and other expenses that can be billed back to the

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