Essay on Medical Care- a Right or a Privilege?

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Medical Care- A Right or a Privilege?


Noting that medical care is a privilege, not a right in the United States, discuss the following points: Since quality healthcare can be a matter of life or death, should all Americans have equal access to it? If yes, why don't they? If no, why shouldn't they? Which core American values does the current health care system in the United States, treating health care as a profit-producing commodity to be sold to the highest bidder uphold? Which core American value does it violate? What can and/or should the United States do to ensure that all Americans who get sick have an equal opportunity to get well? Americans should definitely have equal access to quality healthcare. Race, color, or
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Healthcare companies know this so they will avoid doing anything they cannot to fully care for a person they don't feel they are being paid adequately for.
Americans don't have equal access to healthcare because our healthcare system is set up as a commodity. People who do not have health insurance or money can't get the care they need. Doctor's and pharmaceuticals companies are allowed to charge what ever they want to for care and medicine. This is because the government will not set a cap on what they can charge. Insurance companies have made them set a cap. The insurance companies negotiate a price per procedure or drug. They pay that cost and no more.
However, a person with no health insurance will pay a higher price to see the doctor or get medicine because there is no one to negotiate a price for them. Even with a negotiated price, insurance companies are paying more then they should and in turn, our premiums increase.
Americans don't have equal rights to healthcare because as a society we will not get together and make it happen. The government is not going to just step up and do it without being forced to. The hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies are not going to give up their profits if they don't have to.
Americans have the right to happiness. In finding happiness, many Americans believe that money is one form of this. By creating a government run healthcare program this will limit the amount of money that doctors and

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