Essay about Medical Bills At The Hospital Emergency Room

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Research Assignment
Have you ever knew anyone that has lost their job due to being fired or laid? I bet most people would say yes to this question. When these people end up losing their job they also end up losing something else that is very important to have which is having health insurance that pays for their family and their own medical bills. The reason they end up losing their health insurance is that their health benefits were provided by their employer. Before the worker finds a new job they might have unexpected family medical bills come up, these bills could be from a visit a to the clinic to treat an illness or unexpected trip to the hospital emergency room from being in an accident. This is what happen to me.
A few years ago I was laid off because the company I was working for was closing most of their stores and was laying off many of their workers. When I was laid off not only did I lost my job I also lost something else that was very important to me my health benefits that was provided to me by my employer without health insurance I know I had to be extra careful when I was working at a temporary day labor job. After working a long day doing construction, I was driving home when some older lady ran a red light hitting my truck sending me to the hospital emergency room. My medical bills were adding up very quickly from getting emergency help the paramedics, emergency room care, seeing a doctor, and getting many x-rays of my left arm, ribs, and neck. After…

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