Medical Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana has been proven by multiple scientific studies to have multiple medical uses. In an article in the Journal of Palliative Medicine called Assessment of Hospice Health Professionals’ Knowledge, Views, and Experience with Medical Marijuana it states, “Medicinal evidence for marijuana has been documented back to ancient times” (Uritsky, McPherson, & Pradel, 2011, pg. 1291, para. 2). So based on this we know that it can help a lot of people with different medical ailments. One of the major risk with medical marijuana is smoking it and inhaling it into your lungs, which we talked about earlier in the paper already. They now have the vaporizer which takes this risk away. I am sure that there has been other risk associated with marijuana, but what medicine on the market today does not have some sort of adverse effect. So with all the evidence for the benefits of medical marijuana, it would seem that the greatest good for the greatest number of people would be to legalize it. So from a utilitarian point of view, based on the evidence presented here, legalization of marijuana for medical purposes would be the best route to go. More people would benefit from it, then would be harmed by it. Also, just because the other people do not believe it should be legalized, it is not hurting them either. So the greatest good for the greatest number of people would be the legalization. Now let’s look at this same issue from the point of the cultural relativist.
So the cultural…

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