Medical And Healthcare Administration Field Essay examples

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Entering into the world in the Healthcare Administration field, it is best that we know and understand what it really means to succeed in our positions. Medical and Health Services managers are also called healthcare executives or healthcare administrators that plan, direct, and coordinate the medical and health services. In our position we must direct changes that conform the changes in healthcare laws, regulations, and technology. (
I. What Educational requirements include any relevant certifications or credentials?
• When getting my education for a Health Care Administrator it will include a master’s degree in most generalist positions as a medical or health care manager, and receiving a bachelor’s degree is sometimes required for entry level positions that are in smaller facilities and departments only. Healthcare Administrators that decide to work in a nursing care facility are required to pass a licensing examination, complete a state-approved training program and pursue continuing education. In other areas of a medical and healthcare services managements they do not require a license. (
II. Personality traits and skill sets that are required for the profession.
• Some of the personal traits and skills that I have learned when it comes to becoming a healthcare administrator is having leadership skills, having stress tolerance, being initiative, able to adapt to different surroundings, flexibility, integrity, and…

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