Medical Advancements That Changed Our Nation Essay

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Medical Advancements That Changed Our Nation There are many advancements and changes in the medical practice that we use today and were attained by World War I and World War II. These changes have helped to save many lives in today’s world. British doctor Harold Gillies who invented many surgical techniques and procedures to repair faces and skin. He also invented a pedicle tube graph that is still used today. It is used to provide blood flow to the reconstructed area from another part of the body (Ubelacker). Torn to piece torsos, ripped limbs, and severely damaged faces caused a need for new surgical techniques. Many of these are still used today. Men died from bleeding out and shock. When they were in shock they could not feel the full extent of their injuries and might make them worse. Surgical tools were also very necessary to diagnose a patient. Portable X-rays were then invented and distributed. Marie Curie was a very influential women who discovered radium and won a Nobel Prize. She created a campaign to take old or unused cars and reform them into X-rays vans to help take scam wounds. To prevent any more death doctors needed to replace all the blood that was lost. That is how blood transfusions were used in the military. On the basis of material loss and death rates, World War II was the most destructive and disastrous war of all time. World War II required the dedication of more than the army but thru economical resourcefulness of the entire nation. Aircrafts…

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