Essay on Medical 3 D Printing Case Study

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Medical 3-D Printing What would you do if you needed surgery and the doctor told you there was new technology that allow surgeons to spend less time while operating and is much safer? The parents of ten-year-old Kevin Yintia from Kansas City was faced with this type of question earlier this year. Kevin contracted an infection living in Central African Republic while he was just a baby. This infection caused severe damage to Kevin’s hip, which made him smaller than the average boy. Since Kevin was only ten years old, other methods of treatment like braces would be very costly as he would out grow them every few months (Carter). The Chief of Orthopedic Research, Dr. Richard Schwend, at Children’s Mercy Hospital was able to fix Kevin’s hip through advanced technology such as 3-D printing. Dr. Richard Schwend created a new hip using the measurements taken from the 3-D printed hip. The measurements ensured the implant had the correct shape and microstructure to work within the existing surrounding joints and tissues. Kevin’s parents chose the new technology for treatment as this method was safer and more cost effective over the long run. Medical 3-D printing is an effective new technology that can be used in orthopedic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and regenerative medicine. 3-D printing is also known as rapid prototyping technology that creates a specific blueprint using a special software that forms the different layers of a solid object. These…

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