Mediation : A Neutral Or A Third Party Essay

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Mediation: This is a process whereby a neutral or a third party that is independent, facilitates discussion between the aggrieved parties. The mediator now helps to reach a solution to the conflict that can be acceptable to the parties. This function is carried out through joint sessions and separate meetings with the parties; helps both sides to define the dispute clearly and ensures that each party’s position is understood as he moves closer to the solution. It gives room for the dispute to be resolved peacefully and out of court. During mediation, the wrong or right party is not determined, but rather objective measures to resolve the conflict is established that leads to the mutual satisfaction. The mediator does not have the authority to compel any of the disputants to settle or decide on settlement.
Positive and Negative Situations in Conflict Resolution Conflict can turn to be destructive if mishandled, leading disputants to develop negative feelings for each other and spend energy on issues that could be well spent on other things. It is associated in deepen differences, leading people to polarize into positions. Poor conflict situation reduces productivity. On the other hand, well managed conflict can be constructive, yields creativity, and generates comfortable and safe environments in organizations (Cinar & Kaban, 2012). It helps to release emotion and stress, and resolves tension when the people involved use it as an opportunity to increase…

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